Isabel dos Santos (Angolan Businesswoman)

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Sub-subject: Isabel dos Santos (Angola): The richest African woman. Syllabus:

  1. The Angolan Businesswoman Isabel dos Santos
  2. The Unitel International and the financial group Santoro
The sub-subject “Isabel dos Santos (Angola): The richest African woman” is studied...
  1. Doctorate in Business in Africa
  2. Masters (e-learning): Sub-Saharan Africa, Frontier Markets, International Business
  3. Courses: African Economy, Central Africa

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Sample of the Sub-subject: Isabel dos Santos (the richest African women):
Isabel dos Santos (Richest African Woman)

Description of the Sub-Subject: Isabel dos Santos (Angolan businesswoman):

  1. The Angolan business person Isabel dos Santos was born in 1973 in Azerbaijan; she is the daughter of Jose dos Santos (President of Angola since 1977) and the richest women in Africa
  2. Dos Santos lives in Luanda (Angola)
  3. The flag company of Isabel dos Santos is “Unitel International Holdings BV” (Belgium), with substantial investments in telecommunications
  4. Isabel dos Santos is the founder of “Santoro Finance” (Lisbon, Portugal) with investments in the BPI Bank (Banco Portuguese de Investimento) - she is a founding member of the Bank
  5. She also controls the company “Esperanza” (Amsterdam) with an interest in energy and petrol sector
  6. Isabel dos Santos has shares (51%) in the Angolan distribution company “Condis” and “Nova Cimangola” (Cements)
  7. Trough “Jadeium” she owns the 4,9% of “Telefonica” (Spain)
  8. The estimated net worth (Forbes): 3.7 billion dollars
  9. Religion: Christian Catholic
  10. Isabel dos Santos is the President of the Angola Red Cross
  11. Education: Electrical Engineering (King's College, London)
  12. Husband: Sindika Dokolo (millionaire from the Democratic Republic of the Congo)

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