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EENI adhesion to the Global Compact

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Adhesion to the United Nations Global Compact.

EENI Global Business School - Commitment to Society.

EENI supports the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact:

  1. Human rights;
  2. Labour rights;
  3. Environment;
  4. Fight against corruption.

EENI is committed to establishing and promoting these universal principles in his area of influence.

Global Compact EENI

EENI Adhesion page in the Global Compact (UN) site.

EENI Global Business School recognizes the importance of promoting these principles worldwide, especially in the field of the international business. Furthermore, EENI is committed to:

  1. Promote the Global Compact principles to all our students and alumni of the masters and Doctorate in International Business;
  2. Promote the Global Compact throughout our international network of contacts;
  3. EENI has developed an e-learning course “No to Corruption in International Business,” in which one of the subjects is dedicated to the Global Compact. This Professional Course is free for all our alumni and is also part of all the Doctorate and Masters. This Professional Course is available in English, Spanish, and French;
  4. Collaborate in the implementation of the Global Compact in all those companies that our students are working;
  5. EENI scholarships programme. To recommend to all the students who opt for an EENI scholarship to know the principles of the Global Compact;
  6. EENI Project: “Global Ethics and International Business.” EENI develops a Model of Global Ethics applied to the international business based on the concept of the Religions of the World as sources of the Global Ethics.

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