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Wole Soyinka (Nobel Prize, Nigeria)

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Syllabus of the Subject

Nobel Prize in Literature (Wole Soyinka). African Theatre

  1. Wole Soyinka (Poet, Dramaturge, and Nobel Prize in Literature)
  2. Influence of traditional African theatre and Yoruba's mythology on his works

Wole Soyinka - Nobel Prize in Literature
Wole Soyinka (Nobel Prize, Nigeria)

African Student, Master / Doctorate International Business

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The Nigerian Poet, Nobel Prize in Literature and Dramaturge Akinwande Oluwole “Wole” Babatunde Soyinka was born on July 1934 at Abeokuta (Ibadan, Western Nigeria). Wole Soyinka is the author of twenty works (Poetry, Novels, and Drama). His work was influenced by traditional popular African theatre and Yoruba's mythology.

Wole Soyinka was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature (1986), being the first African to be privileged in that category.

  1. Place of birth of Wole Soyinka: Abeokuta - Ibadan (Nigeria, West Africa)
  2. Wole Soyinka is atheist
  3. Ethnic group: Yoruba
  4. Doctorate (University of Leeds)
  5. Dramaturge (Royal Court Theatre in London)
  6. Professor of Literature (Ibadan University, Lagos University)
  7. Visiting professor (Yale, Cambridge)
  8. Arrested in 1967 during the Nigerian Civil War until 1969
  9. He participated as an author in the History of Africa

Main works of Wole Soyinka.

  1. A Dance of the Forests
  2. Swamp Dwellers
  3. Lion and the Jewel
  4. Trial of Brother Jero
  5. Requiem for a Futurologist
  6. Season of Anomy

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  1. Abuja, Lagos, Kano
  2. Kaduna, Maiduguri, Port Harcourt

Wole Soyinka is an African poet of the West African Economic Area.

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