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Vicente Ferrer. Miracle of giving. Christianity

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Syllabus of the Subject

Universal vision, application of the principle of Non-Violence (Vicente Ferrer)

  1. Vicente Ferrer (Spanish and former Jesuit)
  2. Miracle of Giving: his work in India based on the “quiet revolution”
  3. Vicente Ferrer Foundation

Vicente Ferrer: The Miracle of giving
Vicente Ferrer Christianity

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Vicente Ferrer - the “quiet revolution”

“The action is a prayer without words... Good action contains all religions, ideologies, and philosophies

The action unites men. Ideologies tend to separate” Vicente Ferrer

The former Jesuit (Christianity - Catholicism) Vicente Ferrer was born in Barcelona (Spain) in 1920; he died in India (Anantapur) in 2009.

With only seventeen years was called to the fifth in the Republican band in Spanish civil war. Undoubtedly, this experience will influence definitively on his later humanitarian vision.

His first contact with India was in Mumbai in 1952, being a Jesuit missionary, the impact of suffering and poverty he saw will mark the rest of his life.

In India, Vicente Ferrer begins a small revolution helping the poor. This revolution was based on the concept of “The Miracle of Giving,” a financial and technical assistance to collect water for farmers.

The farmer had to return the interest-free loans and thus continue helping more people. Vicente Ferrer organized cooperatives to drill wells, constructed waterways, and seed banks. Furthermore, to two schools and one hospital.

This “silent revolution” creates tensions with power that eventually expel him from India. Over 30,000 people led by activist Madu Metha will manifest against this expulsion.

However, with the help of Indira Gandhi, gets back to Anantapur in the State of Andhra Pradesh, one of the poorest in India; he could not return to Maharashtra.

Two years after abandons the Jesuits, and creates the “Vicente Ferrer Foundation” with his wife, Anne Perry (English journalist).

The vision of Vicente Ferrer, implemented through his foundation, has built three hospitals, thirteen rural clinics, more than 1,600 schools, about 30,000 homes for the poor, has planted over 2.5 million of trees.

His work has benefited to 2.5 million people. Many companies and individuals collaborate selflessly helping the foundation.

“God has thought in human being from the big bang. The future is infinite, and the evolution of man is infinite too. Practically; we just born” Vicente Ferrer

In 2010, a group of people submitted their candidacy to Nobel Peace Prize.

For his universal vision of “Miracle of giving,” for his life based on the action, and his application of the principle of non-violence (Ahimsa) in its broadest sense; we can consider Vicente Ferrer, as a spiritual leader of Western Civilization and humanity.

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