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Shaikha Al Maskari (Emirati Businesswomen)

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Syllabus of the Subject

Chairwoman of Tricon Group (Shaikha Al Maskari, Emirates)

  1. Shaikha Al Maskari (Emirati Muslim Businesswomen)
  2. Tricon Group. Al Maskari Holding
  3. Vision of interfaith dialogue of Shaikha Al Maskari

Sample - Shaikha Al Maskari (Emirati Businesswomen)
Shaikha Al Maskari Emirati Businesswomen

Online Arab Student, Master International Business

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Shaikha Al Maskar (Emirati businesswoman).

Shaikha Al Maskari (Emirates) is the Chairwoman of Al Maskari Holding and the Tricon Group.

  1. Shaikha Al Maskari is also the Chairwoman of Johnson Controls and Global Communications and Emirates & Al Maskari Holdings
  2. PhD Shaikha Al Maskari is an influential and thriving Businesswoman
  3. She devotes many efforts to use their influence to promote best opportunities for Arab Women
  4. Furthermore, Shaikha Al Maskari chairs on the Boards of several non-profit Organizations: “Women for Sustainable Growth” or “Arab International Women's Forum.”
  5. In 2006, Shaikha Al Maskari co-founded the Micro-credit project Diyarbakir in Turkey, with the Grameen Bank of Muhammad Yunus (Bangladesh), achieving that over 39,000 entrepreneurs could access to microcredit

Shaikha Al Maskari is a staunch supporter of dialogue between the religions, intercultural understanding, and environment. In 1993, she created the United Mercy Foundation with the aim of helping orphans in the Middle East, India, and Africa.

The Al Maskari Holding (AMH) was created in 1968 trading with petroleum. Today is the private holding belonging to the Al Maskari family.

Shaikha Al Maskari belongs to the Arab Economic Area.

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