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Ports of Gabon (Libreville, Gentil)

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Syllabus of the Subject

Port of Mayumba, Libreville, Gentil (Gabon) Owendo Terminal. Iron ore

  1. Introduction to the ports of the Gabonese Republic
  2. Port-Gentil
  3. Port of Libreville
  4. Port of Mayumba
  5. Intermodal port operations in Gabon

Ports of Mayumba, Libreville and Gentil (the Gabonese Republic):
Ports of Gabon

Transport and Logistics in Africa. Corridors, ports

Maritime Transport in Africa (Central African Ports).

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The largest ports of Gabon are Mayumba, Libreville, and Gentil (Gabon).

OPRAG (Office des Ports et Rades du Gabon).

  1. The main body of the Gabonese Government
  2. Port Authority

Port of Libreville:

  1. Owendo Terminal at the Port of Libreville
  2. Cargo traffic of the Port of Libreville: 115,000 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit)
  3. Bolloré Africa Logistics wins the Container Terminal concession at the Port of Libreville
  4. Shipbuilding industry


  1. Deep water port
  2. No Roads links to the rest of Gabon
  3. A new Rail link Port Gentil with the interior of Gabon (650 kilometers)
    1. Rail Transport in Africa
  4. Iron ore and petroleum industry
  5. Butane production
  6. Port Gentil is located on the Island of Mandji (Ogooué River Delta)
  7. Special Economic Zone - Free Zone Mandji
  8. Bulk terminal

Rail Transport

Port of Mayumba:

  1. Mayumba High Port Authority
  2. Port of Mayumba is located at Southwest of Gabon
  3. Deep water
  4. Main exports: wood

Case Study: intermodal port operations in Gabon.

The Ports of Gabon belongs to the Central African Economic Area.

More information about Gabon (EENI African Business Portal).

  1. Franceville
  2. Oyem
  3. Moanda

African Regional Economic Communities related to Gabon:

  1. Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC)
  2. Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS)

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