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Nayla Hayek, Christian Orthodox Businesswoman

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Syllabus of the Subject

Chairwoman, Board of Directors Swatch Group: Hayek. Christian Arab

  1. Nayla Hayek (Lebanese Businesswoman, Christian Orthodox)
  2. Hayek Group (Engineering and construction)
  3. His role as the President of the Board of the Swiss Swatch group

Sample - Nayla Hayek (Lebanese Businesswoman)
Nayla Hayek, Christian Orthodox Businesswoman. Chairwoman, Board of Directors Swatch Group (Lebanon)

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Nayla Hayek (Lebanese Businesswoman).

The magazine “Arabian Business” considers Naila Hayek (Swiss nationality, Lebanese ancestry, 1951) as the sixth most powerful Arab Women in the World.

  1. Since 2010, Naila Hayek is the Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of the Swatch Group, the General Directress of Harry Winston and a member of Hayek Group Council
  2. Naila Hayek is the daughter of Nicolas George Hayek, co-Founder of the Swatch Group
  3. Naila Hayek is Orthodox
  4. Harry Winston, Inc. is a jewellery company and luxury producer (Swiss watches); the company headquarters are in New York
  5. The Lebanese group of enterprises Hayek Group (HG) was created 61 years ago in Beirut
  6. The Hayek Group provides engineering and construction projects

Nayla Hayek belongs to the Arab Economic Area.

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