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Research Area: African Traditional Religions

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Other Religions and Philosophies. Judaism, Agnosticism (Doctorate, Ethics)

Doctorate in International Business (DIB) Online

Doctorate in Ethics, Religions, and Business: Global Ethics, Islam, Christianity, Indian Religions, Buddhism, Chinese Religions, Orthodoxy, Other Religions. Thesis.

Religions, Business, Ethics

  1. African Traditional Religions
  2. Judaism
  3. Agnosticism
  4. Bahá'í Faith

The module “Other Religions and / or Philosophies” of the Doctorate taught by EENI Global Business School consists of four sub-modules:

Judaism and Business

Judaism: Ethics and Business.

  1. Judaism
  2. Ethical Principles of Judaism
  3. Ten Commandments
    1. Implications of the Ten Commandments on Jewish ethics
  4. Influence of Judaism on Christianity and Islam
  5. Judaism today
  6. Richest Jews in the World
  7. Jewish Businessman
  8. Safra (Brazil)
  9. Wendy Appelbaum (South Africa)
  10. Issad Rebrab (Algeria)


  1. Introduction to Agnosticism
  2. Famous Agnostics
  3. Wole Soyinka (Nigeria)
  4. The Giving Pledge
    1. Bill Gates (Microsoft/Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)
    2. Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway)

3 - Bahá'í Faith.

  1. Introduction to Baha'i Faith
  2. Principles of Baha'is Ethics
  3. Baha'is Faith in the world

  1. Introduction to the African Traditional Religions
  2. Key Pillars of the African Traditional Religions
  3. Coexistence with Islam and Christianity

Download the syllabus “Agnosticism, Judaism and Baha'i” (PDF).

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