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China-Peru Free Trade Agreement

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Syllabus of the Subject

Peru-China Agreement enter to Chinese market duty-free

  1. Introduction to the China-Peru Agreement
  2. International Trade between China and Peru
  3. Certificate of origin
  4. Advantages for exporters
  5. Market access
  6. Tariff elimination
  7. Trade Facilitation
  8. Trade in Services and Investment

Asia Masters, Doctorate (Global Business, Foreign Trade)

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Foreign Trade and Business in China

中华人民共和国政府与秘鲁共和国政府 自由贸易协定

Sample - China-Peru Free Trade Agreement (FTA)
China-Peru Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

The China-Peru Free Trade Agreement entered into force in 2010.

The Agreement between China and Peru will enable many Peruvian export products to enter into the Chinese market duty-free.

International trade between China and Peru.

  1. 1,000 Peruvian companies export products to China
  2. China is the second-largest trading partner of Peru
  3. FDI of China (PRC) in Peru has exceeded 2 billion dollars (the largest among the Asian Countries)

Market Access - Free Trade Agreements

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