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Sub-subject Sub-subject: Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (French Jesuit). Syllabus:

  1. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (French Jesuit philosopher)
  2. The concept of noosphere: interconnecting the thought of the humanity


Sub-subject “Pierre Teilhard de Chardin” is studied...
  1. Doctorate in Ethics, Religion, and Business (e-learning)

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Noosphere Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Description Sub-Subject Description: Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

Undoubtedly the figure of French Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881 - 1955) is exciting; he was a philosopher, geologist, theologian, and paleontologist (in 1926, Henri Breuil and Teilhard discovered the Man of Beijing - Zhoukoudian-, the nearest relative of Pithecanthropus from Java).

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin also travelled to Somalia, China, Djibouti, India, Indonesia, and to the United States. He was ordained a Jesuit priest (Catholicism) in 1911.

Chardin's work is the search for reconciliation between faith and science.

In the work of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, there are two important books: “The Human Phenomenon” and “The Future of Man.” He developed two fundamental concepts:

  1. Noosphere: the sphere of human thought or the evolution of the universal consciousness.
  2. Omega Point: the supreme consciousness

The Noosphere is a kind of spiritual energy released at the thought of all human beings. Thus, the Noosphere allows:

Interconnect human thought ...

... generating a kind of Universal Consciousness. The Noosphere is constantly growing and concluded at the Omega Point.

“I think the Universe is an evolution. I believe that the evolution goes to the Spirit.” Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

“Love is the most universal, tremendous and mystical of cosmic forces.
Love is a sacred reserve of energy; it is like the blood of spiritual evolution.” (The spirit of the Earth)

For Teilhard de Chardin, the man is in the perpetual evolution toward the divine. For him, life, matter and thought (spirit) are part of the evolution. For Teilhard, the final sense of evolution is the evolving into higher levels of consciousness, which he called the Omega point:

“The creation, incarnation, and redemption are three complementary aspects of the same process.” (Thoughts on Original Sin, 1947, X, 198 E) Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

“Linked thoughts are the finest trust for development and for thriving and peaceful life for next generations of the humanity” Her Excellency Reem Ebrahim Al-Hashimi - Minister of State of the United Arab Emirates.

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