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Mohamed Ali LEMRABOTT, EENI Professor

Mohamed Ali LEMRABOTT (Mauritania): EENI Global Business School Professor

Mohamed Ali Ould Lemrabott, Mauritania (Professor, EENI Global Business School)

Mohamed Ali LEMRABOTT (Mauritania) is a Thesis Director in the following doctorates at EENI Global Business School:

  1. Professional Doctorate in African Business
  2. Professional Doctorate in Business in Islamic Countries
  3. Professional Doctorate in Global Ethics, Religions, and International Business (module: Islam)

Curriculum Vitae

Economist and development consultant, with more than twenty years of professional experience, including ten years as a senior executive of the United Nations (UNDP).

Mr Mohamed Ali LEMRABOTT presents a versatile profile, combining a high conceptual level (design, analysis, monitoring and evaluation of development strategies, policies and programs, conducting academic research, etc.) and demonstrated management capacity (Management and project development programs).

United Nations Development Program (UNDP) 2000-2010. Function: Strategic Advisor of annual results reviews, an economist specialising in development strategies), the highest absolute degree in the United Nations as National Administrator (national official). Grade 8 NOD (ICS 11) 2002-2010, with increasing the levels of responsibility.

Coordinator of several development project programs (UNDP):

  1. Integrated Framework Program for Foreign Trade (2005-2010)
  2. Program to Combat Tuberculosis and the Global Fund against Malaria (2004-2005)
  3. Humanitarian Demining Program (2004)
  4. Emergency Relief Project (2004)
  5. Sustainable and consensual management of coastal resources (oil, gas, fishing), project cited as international good practice, etc.

Author of an important finding, obtained in the context of an innovative work on monitoring aid initiated and carried out by UNDP, on an anomaly in development aid accounting. This discovery has been applied internationally.

Former executive of the SNIM group, Mauritania's largest company, 1995-1999 (four years)

Doctorate in Applied Economics by the Graduate School of Pierre Mendes University France, Grenoble, France, 1990-1994

Postgraduate in Applied Economics, Development Option (1990, Pierre Mendes University France, Grenoble, France.)

Holder of a DEUG in Mathematics (1984, University of ORLEANS, France).

Nationality of Mr Mohamed Ali LEMRABOTT: Mauritanian.

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