Guillermo Pie Jahn

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Guillermo Pie Jahn (Spain) - Director of the Department of Languages

Guillermo Pie

Guillermo Pie Jahn (Spain): Professor and Director of the Department of Languages of EENI (Business School)


  1. Degree in Hispanic and German Philology, University of Barcelona (Spain)
  2. Diploma in ELE Teacher Training (Spanish as a Foreign Language), Cervantes Institute
  3. Master in Teaching of Foreign Languages
  4. Doctorate (PhD) in Philology, University Rovira Virgili (Tarragona, Spain)

Employment and Work Experience

  1. Professor and teacher of ELE (Spanish as a Foreign Language) at various universities (Madagascar, France, Spain)
  2. Professor and academic coordinator of the Cervantes Institute in Morocco, Equatorial Guinea, and the United Kingdom
  3. Expert in Second and Foreign Language Teaching Methods
  4. Publication of several books and articles on the Spanish language in Africa and the Spanish-African literature
  5. Direction and implementation of the department of languages of EENI.

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