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Multilingual Training (English, French, Spanish, Arabic, and Portuguese)

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Nowadays the globalisation is giving more alternatives in the communication area; it is necessary to have knowledge of languages, for that reason, the learning materials are available in several languages for improving international communication skills of the students.

Depending on the subject, the student can access to course materials in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese; and summaries in Arabic, Italian, or Catalan. The student has free access to course materials in these languages.

An example of the Online Course materials, which are provided in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, and Italian:

This is an example of what we offer:

- Course “International Negotiation” in English.

- Course “Documentary credits” in Spanish.

- Course “Globalisation” in French.

- Course “Documentary credits” in Portuguese.

- Course “Documentary credits” in Arabic.

African Student, Master / Doctorate Business

Language Corner (e-campus).

It is an objective to improve knowledge of languages, essential in International Business; all our students can access the “Language Corner” where they will find courses of languages, bilingual conversations, on-line dictionaries, glossaries and so on.

An example of the “Language Corner” of e-Campus, free access for all our students:

Language Corner e-Campus


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Languages for international business. The main objectives of these subjects are as follow:
- To improve their reading comprehension and analytic skills
- To build a path that helps to their pronunciation and intonation skills
- To understand the information related to international business (letters, webs, email, news)
- To Improve writing capabilities.

- French
- Spanish
- Portuguese

Example of the Online Course “Spanish-English conversation” of the “Language Corner.”

English Spanish

Spanish Grammar

Audio and videos also are available in these languages.

Why study other languages when everyone speaks English?

94% of the World's population does not speak English as their mother tongue. 75% do not speak English at all. English may be the language of international business, but while formalities are conducted in English, the deal is often won in the language of the customer. The most useful International language in the World is not necessarily English but rather the language of the customer.

The modern international information society is built on communication. A company's management, image, and competitiveness are contingent on communication - and communication is contingent on language. In a fast-moving and multi-lingual global village, companies need qualified foreign language and Communication staff who can develop both internal and external communication, thus contributing to their success on the international market.

The obvious reason for studying modern languages is to develop excellent linguistic skills. It will open your mind to an immense array of ideas and possibilities, and because it will give an unparallelled preparation for the rest of your life.

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