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Adérito Fernandes, EENI Professor

Adérito Fernandes (Guinea-Bissau): EENI Global Business School Professor

Adérito Wilson Fernandes, Guinea-Bissau (Professor, EENI Global Business School)

Adérito Fernandes (Guinea-Bissau): EENI Global Business School Professor (Master and Professional Doctorate in African Business - e-learning)


  1. Degree in accounting and Finance, UNICA University (Cape Verde)
  2. Master of Science in Tourism and Hotel Management, Centre for Studies ESMA
  3. Postgraduate in Strategic Marketing, UNICA University

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Employment and Work Experience

  1. Professor of Management of SMEs. CENFA (Guinea-Bissau)
  2. Professor of Business Administration, ENA (Guinea-Bissau)
  3. Founder of the Company: Euro-America Medical Bridge, Guinea-Bissau
  4. An innovative concept of tourism (rural-eco-sustainable)
  5. Consulting and CSR Auditing in Sustainable Tourism

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