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ASEAN-Canada Economic Agreement

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Syllabus of the Subject: ASEAN-Canada Economic Cooperation Agreement.

  1. Introduction to the ASEAN-Canada Economic Cooperation Agreement;
  2. Foreign Trade between the ASEAN Countries and Canada;
  3. ASEAN-Canada Trade and Investment Framework Arrangement.

ASEAN-Canada Economic Cooperation Agreement (FTA)
ASEAN-Canada Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

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ASEAN-Canada Economic Cooperation Agreement

The ASEAN-Canada Economic Cooperation Agreement provides a framework for industrial, technical, and trade cooperation.

The ASEAN-Canada Economic Cooperation Agreement established a Joint Cooperation Committee to promote and review the different cooperation activities forecasted between the ASEAN (Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam) and Canada.

The ASEAN and Canada are working towards the termination of the ASEAN-Canada Trade and Investment Framework Arrangement to improve the foreign trade and investment relations.

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Foreign Trade between Canada and the ASEAN Countries.

  1. Total bilateral trade between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and Canada: 9 billion dollars;
  2. exported products from Canada to the ASEAN: 4.7 billion dollars;
  3. Imported products by Canada from the ASEAN: 9.8 billion dollars;
  4. Service exports from Canada to the ASEAN Countries: 1.2 billion dollars;
  5. Service imports from the ASEAN: 8 billion dollars;
  6. Canadian direct investment (FDI) in the ASEAN member economies was 310 million dollars (0.8% of total investment in the region).

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