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Muhammad Mansha (Multimillionaire, Pakistan)

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Syllabus of the Subject

Pakistani Businessman, Mian Muhammad Mansha. Islamic Banking

  1. Mian Muhammad Mansha (Pakistani Businessman, Sunni Muslim)
  2. Nishat Group
  3. Islamic Banking Division of the MCB Bank

Sample - Mian Muhammad Mansha (Pakistani Businessman)
Mian Muhammad Mansha. Pakistani Businessman, Sunni Muslim (Pakistan)

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Islam and Global Business. Islamic Economic Areas

Mian Muhammad Mansha is a prominent Pakistani Muslim Businessman and the sixth richest man in Pakistan.

  1. Mian Muhammad Mansha is the President and Managing Director (CEO) of the Nishat Group (Textiles, Cement and financial Services)
  2. Mansha is one of the most powerful and influential Businessman in Pakistan
  3. Mian Muhammad Mansha had a fortune of 2,500 million dollars
  4. Mian Mohammad Mansha sit on the Boards of Directors of 46 Pakistani companies
  5. Nishat Mills Limited (founded in 1951 by Mian Mohammad Mansha) is the largest exporter of Pakistan; the factory is in Faisalabad
  6. The D.G. Khan Cement Company is the largest Pakistani cement manufacturing unit
  7. The Muslim Commercial Bank (controlled by the Nishat Group) is the largest Pakistani private Bank
  8. Mian Muhammad Mansha is “Chinioti” one of the most influential Pakistani industrial clans

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Mian Muhammad Mansha (Muslim Businessman) belongs to the Central Eurasian Economic Area.

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