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Foreign direct investment in Mexico

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Syllabus of the Subject

Mexico: 2nd place in Hispanic America as FDI destination

  1. Framework for the foreign direct investment in Mexico
  2. Overview of the foreign direct investment in Mexico
  3. Changes and trends in foreign direct investment
  4. Foreign Direct Investment by sector, Mexican States, and Country
  5. Incentives for the foreign investment
  6. Agreements on Reciprocal Promotion and Protection of Investments

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Mexican Economy, Carlos Slim, Competitive Advantages...

Foreign Trade and Business in Mexico

The Foreign direct investment (FDI) has grown in Mexico, owing to its competitive costs compared to other countries, advantage of its geographical location (NAFTA, APEC) and its qualified labour

  1. Recently, the foreign direct investment reached a value of 6,058 million dollars, (Heineken's acquisition of FEMSA Beer)
  2. The Automotive sector in Mexico represented 6% of the total foreign direct investment
  3. Companies like Volkswagen, Fiat, Daimler, Pirelli and General Motors announced investments of 4,000 million dollars for vehicles and parts manufacture
  4. Investment in the auto parts sector reached 400 million dollars (530,000 jobs)
  5. Investment in the medical devices sector rose to 927.5 million dollars
  6. The Medical device industry in Mexico receives 927 million dollars in foreign direct investment0
  7. The main FDI sources were the U.S., Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands
  8. Mexico ranks in the second place in Hispanic America as a foreign direct investment destination with 23% of the total in software projects in the region
  9. Nestlé invested 390 million dollars to increase the productive capacity of its factory in Toluca

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