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Canada-Honduras Free Trade Agreement

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Syllabus of the Subject

Honduras-Canada Agreements on labour standards

  1. Introduction to the Canada-Honduras Agreement
  2. International Trade between Canada and Honduras

Sample - Canada-Honduras Free Trade Agreement (FTA)
Canada-Honduras Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

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Market Access - Trade Agreements

Canada and Honduras announced the termination of free trade negotiations in 2011.

  1. The Canada-Honduras Free Trade Agreement, include agreements on labour standards and practices, and environmental protection
  2. The Free Trade Agreement is in force
  3. Signing of the Canada-Honduras Free Trade Agreement will allow entry of 96% of the products from Honduras to Canada duty-free

Foreign Trade between Canada and Honduras.

  1. Honduras can export 81% of its agricultural export products duty free to Canada compared to 42% that it will receive from them
  2. In the industry sector, the percentages are 99% for Honduras and 73% for Canada
  3. Foreign trade between Canada and Honduras reached $192 million
  4. The Canadian export products to Honduras were $41 million, while product imports from Honduras amounted to $151 million

Honduras belongs to the Hispanic American Economic Area and Canada to the North American area of Western Civilization.

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