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On 30th November 2000, the UNESCO committee decided to award the archaeological heritage of Tarraco with the status of World Heritage. This recognition represents a major achievement for Tarragona, as it guarantees the preservation of its monuments and enables them to be known about Internationally, as well as increasing the citizens' interest and pride in their heritage. The Roman archaeological heritage of Tarraco also has been recognised as one of the seven marvels of Catalonia (Spain).

Tarragona: More than 2000 years of history.

In order that you may know more about Tarragona, we have prepared a small photo shoot about this beautiful city.

Tarragona has been, is and will be a city profoundly marked by the Roman Civilisation. Gnaeus Scipio created it in 218 B.C. And called it Tarraco. It was the first Roman military settlement outside the Italian peninsula and became the capital of all of Hispania Citerior, or Tarraconensis. The glory of those days can be seen today, thanks to the huge heritage that is preserved and makes. Thousands of visitors each year admire the amphitheatre, the forum and the city walls, some of the most recognizable symbols of Tarragona.

Tarragona Roman Circus
Roman Circus (Tarragona).

Roman Amphitheatre
Roman Amphitheatre.

Roman Aqueduct
Roman Aqueduct.

Forum Colonia
Forum Colonia (Photo: Museu History Tarragona).

Roman Walls
Roman Walls.

Tarragona Archaeological Museum
Tarragona Archaeological Museum
Tarragona Mosaic Medusa
Mosaic Medusa.

Tarragona's cultural wealth would not be the same without its Arab past (which spans four centuries, from the eighth to the 13th, as a city of the Al-Andalus Kingdom). Moreover, Tarragona also has a few signs of Jewish presence.

Middle Ages.

Tarragona Cathedral Gothic Cathedral
Tarragona cloister
Tarragona Cathedral.

Tarragona Castle Tamarit
Tarragona Tamarit Castle.

Near Tarragona are the Cistercian monastery of Poblet, Santes Creus and Vallbona of the Nuns.

Tarragona monastery Poblet
Tarragona Monastery Poblet (Poblet).

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