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Professional Master's Program in International Business Secretary (e-learning)

The Master in International Business Secretary is an eleven months full distance e-learning programme leading to a recognised certification for secretaries working in the key functional areas of international business: Foreign trade and International Marketing,

The main objective is to ensure that future international secretary will be able to add value in the following areas:

  1. Foreign trade (logistics, customs, documents, payments)
  2. International Marketing (Market research, international fairs, promotion)

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Duration: eleven months.

Learning materials in Higher Education in English (or Tertiary Education in Spanish Master Secretaria Internacional Post-secondary Education in French Master Secrétaire Internationale Study in Portuguese).

Master in International Business Secretary - Professors and Coach:
Mabel Turk (EENI Professor, Argentina) Henry China ProfessorProfessor Brazil Elshaikh Fernandez Marga Nonell Tutor Marketing Bertran Baell

Methodology: distance e-learning. This diploma is based on the application of the case study method.

1- Foreign trade.

  1. Introduction to Exporting
  2. Documents
  3. Customs Procedures
  4. World Customs Organisation
  5. Customs and the World Trade Organisation
  6. Incoterms
  7. International transport
  8. Marine transport
  9. Multimodal transport
  10. Methods of payment. Letters of Credit
  11. Export Department

2- International Marketing

  1. International Marketing
  2. Market research
  3. International Pricing Policy
  4. International Promotion policy
  5. Intercultural Management
  6. International e-business
  7. Languages for international business
  8. Global Ethics and International Business
  9. Not to Corruption in International Business

Not to Corruption in International Business

Examples of the Master in International Business Secretary.


Documentary credits

Intercultural Management

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