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EENI: close professor- student relationship

EENI Global Business School mission is achieved through a close professor- student relationship that is the reason why EENI has established the student's community website where counselling services and online orientation are able for their every day need therefore School of International Business compromise its staff around the world in order to offer the best service to its alumni there is engagement for innovation so we can continue being part of the leading Group of international business on e-learning.

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Masters in International Business and Foreign Trade (MIB)

The Club alumni at EENI is dedicated to professional development promotion and fostering a strong network of socially-minded alumni around the world. EENI Global Business School fosters the career development of its alumni, not only from an educational point of view but also stimulating the contacts and networking needed with companies, recruiters and other colleagues.

We are making an effort to reinforce the relationships between us and all interested parties to create a net of synergies that increase the prestige of the School and generate professional and personal opportunities for all alumni.


  1. To build a strong network among alumni who are building careers and remain interested in international business issues
  2. To develop mentoring relationships among other students around the world
  3. To provide an alumni forum for the exchange of ideas and information, as well as for discussion about international business issues


Membership is available to any EENI student with a career or personal interest, and for alumni that would like to keep up to date with the International Business field. Membership is free of charge. To join the Club alumni Group at EENI, please contact us. Register and become part of the Club!.

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