Dr Margarita Carrillo

EENI Business School & HA University


Dr Margarita Carrillo López (Spain) - Directress of the School of Doctorate EENI

Dra Marga Carrillo

Dr Margarita Carrillo López (Directress of the School of Doctorate EENI (Business School) and the Hispano-African University of International Business, Directress of the Doctoral thesis). Spain


  1. Doctor in Economy and territory, University of Barcelona (Spain)
  2. Degree in Economic Sciences and Business, University of Barcelona (Spain)
  3. Diploma in foreign trade

Employment and Work Experience

  1. Professor at EENI, University of Barcelona, Open University of Catalonia (UOC), International University of Catalonia and Instituto Superior of Marketing
  2. Unit responsible for statistical and actuarial analysis area of Patrimony (Mutual Insurance FIATC)

EENI (Business School) and Hispano-African University Professors

Tertiary Education in Spanish Dra Marga Carrillo Post-secondary Education in French Dre Carrillo Study in Portuguese Marga Carrillo

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