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Syllabus of the Subject: Languages for international business: Spanish, French...

  1. Languages of the World. Linguas francas
  2. Emerging languages (Chinese, Russian, Hindi...)
  3. Languages for international business:
    - French
    - Spanish
    - Portuguese
    (grammar, glossaries, audio conversations cases...)
  4. Introductory languages courses:
    - Arabic
    - Hindi
    - Indonesian (Bahasa)
    - Korean
    - Swahili
    - Thai
    - Tagalog, Vietnamese
  5. Digital translation tools. Specialised portals

Description of the Subject (Online Learning): Languages for international business.

Free for all EENI students.

The main objectives of these subjects are:

- To improve their reading comprehension and analytic skills.

- To build a path that help to their pronunciation and intonation skills.

- To understand the information related to the international business (letters, webs, email, news...)

- To improve the writing capabilities.

Master in Foreign Trade and International Marketing - Master in International Business

Languages of study Higher Education in English and /or Tertiary Education in Spanish EENI Post-secondary Education in French EENI Study in Portuguese EENI

Sample of the subject - English-Arabic
Arabic English

Director of the Department of Languages of EENI: Guillermo Pie Jahn

English - Spanish
English Spanish

English - French
English French

English - Portuguese
English Portuguese

The British Council estimates that 94% of the population of the World does not speak English as their first language. English is the language of international business, formalities can be managed in English, but the negotiation is habitually won in the language of the importer.

  1. In India, there are twenty-two languages recognised by the Indian Constitution and nearly 844 dialects. While English is the lingua franca, Hindi is the official language (800 million people). At the table you can see the different languages of India (in yellow). Many companies are locating their sites to Hindi and/or the main languages of India (Urdu, Bengali, Telugu, Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil...)
  2. The Official statistics of the United States Census shows that 17.9% of Americans do not speak English at home. 10.7% of Americans speak Spanish and another 7.2% speak a language other than English (

Introduction to Vietnamese language:
Vietnamese language


The new information society is based on communication. A company's management, image and competitiveness is contingent on communication - and Communication is contingent on language. In a fast-moving and multi-lingual global village companies need qualified foreign language and communication staff who can develop both internal and external communication, thus contributing to their success on the international market.

World Languages

This strategy of localisation is complex and expensive, but we have a set of tools (translators online) and services (specialising translations portals) which enable companies to manage this localisation in a relatively affordable way. Knowing these tools and services is essential.

Furthermore, on the campus the student can access to several on-line utilities (100 digital translators...)

The programs in languages for international business aim to equip students with the linguistic competences in spoken and written communication within International Business matters to enable them to carry out diverse communication tasks.

Digital Translation

Global Marketing

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