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In EENI; we always believed in a more open, just and democratic world. For that reason; we have dedicated important resources to solidarity. In our 13th anniversary; we wish to concentrate our efforts in supporting the African continent development

In order to conceptualise the project “Africa export,” we have been based from on the objectives of the millennium of the United Nations (UN), the New Partnership for Africa (NEPAD) and our students:

Africa Export Vision.

1- Africa has all the right to reach to the globalisation and furthermore, it can do it.
Regional Integration in Africa can be a good way. It is possible to improve inter-African trade. One of the main obstacles is the barriers (tariff and no tariff) and the subventions of the OECD countries.
Business between Africa - Spain- Latin countries- Brazil- and Arab countries have a potential of substantial growth.

2- A series of short- term conditions exists that never before had occurred in Africa (growth, integration, democracy...)
In 2003, the African GDP grew at 3.8%. Everything that is happens in Africa is not negative.

3- it is possible to reach the objectives of the millennium of the United Nations in Africa if the western society cooperates.
African women must play a decisive role.
it is indispensable to safeguard the African culture wealth and try to take advantage to the African system of values (respect of the old ones, group sense, and respect by the environment).
Africans must find their model (for example, the NEPAD); the others we can cooperate and share knowledge. In Africa potential sufficient human exists.

Scope of application: all the continent.

AFRICA EXPORT is developed initially in two areas.

- Presentation of a course specialised in Africa, with the objective to present Africans markets.
- Creation of a new professional profile in Africa: “Consulting in international trade,” harnessing the partnerships of export in Africa
- Increase our scholar ships aids for African Students. Special emphasis in the aids for women's.

Networking between our African Students and other countries
- Development of inter African businesses and Africa with the rest of the World. Especially with Latin America and Arab countries, as well as Europe
- collaboration with Africans companies: the students of EENI doing distance work placement, news articles of African companies, prizes to the African companies excellence, African companies promotion etc.
- Portal of information in Internet (forums, articles etc.) and generation of opinion on Related Subjects to the business in Africa

Who can participate?
- All our students, the Africans as no Africans.
- All those people of any part of the World who can contribute values to the Project and who believe that “another Africa is possible.”

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