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EENI - African Students:

EENI (Business School) and Hispano-African University African Students

For the second phase (2007-2015) of the project “Africa Export,” we will define the following objectives:

1- Development of the “EENI AFRICA TRUSTED NETWORK

2- Seminar “Business Opportunities in Africa.”

3- Africa Business Directory: (available in Spanish French Arab Portuguese Other languages).

4- Promote Africa on the Hispanic markets...

5- Improve our EENI Scholarships and Grants for the African Students with special emphasis for African Women.

6- Sub-portal “immigration to Europe and Spain.” (French).

7- Sub Project: « Africa Digital Export » (French).

For the second part of this project we need the collaboration of our African Students and all the people who have a relationship with Africa.

The African Themes:
- Cotonou Agreement Africa European Union
- AGOA - African Growth and Opportunity Act. The United States-Africa trade
- Africa and China
- Africa and India
- Regional Integration in Africa
- Infrastructures and telecommunications
- African Economy
- The African Development Bank
- United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
- African Union
- New Partnership for Africa's Development

Doing Business in Sub-Saharan countries: Nigeria, South Africa, Botswana, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, the Comoros, Tanzania, Malawi, Mauritius, Burundi, Rwanda...

Doing Business in the Maghreb and North Africa: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt and Sudan.


(1 Phase) 2002-2006

Tutor Marketingagueyeisamgwayabilalufu
zafimahitaJa YA Sa

Size. Population. Religions.

Tertiary Education in Spanish EENI Post-secondary Education in French EENI Study in Portuguese EENI

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