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Development of EENI Africa Trusted Network

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Definition EATN: African network of experts in international business.

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The principal strength is that we have students experts in International business in twenty-seven African Countries. Many of them working in International Trade, import- export, investments, logistics, banks... We have African Students in the United Nations (UN), African Development Bank, logistics companies, Ministries...

Under the “umbrella” mark of EENI Global Business School we should develop the EATN, with main objective: “To offer services of international business and trade (research distributors, partners, direct investment... For worldwide companies wishing to do business in Africa (export, import) or to carry out projects of foreign direct investment (FDI).

We will develop a sub-portal for the EATN with

- EATN members Directory (EENI student) for each country.
- Directory of the African resources and links.
- Business Information about Africa.

In this site; we will develop a “market place” where companies can contracts these services one line.

The Director of this project will be Mr Paterson Ngatchou (Cameroon).

Professor Marketing Paterson Ngatchou (Cameroon)

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