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Preparation of Expressions of Interest

Syllabus of the Subject: Preparation of Expressions of Interest and Proposals.

  1. Preliminary considerations before preparing Expressions of Interest or Pre-qualifications
  2. Preparation of Expressions of Interest (EOI) and Pre-qualifications
  3. Preparation of the Technical and Financial proposal

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Description (Preparation of Expressions of Interest and Proposals).


  1. Preparation of pre-qualifications and Expressions of Interest
  2. Preparation of technical and financial proposal
  3. Evaluation of these proposals by selection committees

In this subject; we will study how to prepare expressions of interest and pre-qualifications for tenders procured by development projects. We will also learn how to prepare the technical and financial proposals for international projects for tenders and grants.

Moreover, we will become acquainted with the different programs formats, and we will see some examples of the requirements needed to win tenders and grants with these International institutions.

Finally, we will analyse step -by-step the way in which a proposal evaluation is carried out to award the project to the winning tender (bid).

Preparing Pre-qualifications or Expressions of Interest for international tenders needs a little preparation. We should select, prepare and write correctly our references and CVs. We should decide for each pre-qualification or Expressions of Interest whether we want to go alone or in a consortium. Sometimes the terms Expressions of Interest and pre-qualification are used indifferently for this stage, whose objective is to determine the short-list of firms or institution allowed to prepare a full proposal, although each institution tends to use one term or the other.

We should assess the Human Resources at our disposal for the project, the costs and determine, which firm is going to lead (the Manager or consortium leader) before we start writing the Expression of Interest. Furthermore, we will assess the economic-financial capacity of our company or institution; that is if the financial requirements of the tender are fulfilled. If not; we will look for a contractor or consortium member, and study the possible payment schemes and their repercussion on the cash-flow.

For example... Proposals - Time Estimation /consultant:
Projects Proposals

As mentioned, when preparing a prequalification or Expressions of Interest; it is necessary to take several issues into account, such as the formats and cover letters:

- Cover letter and presentation of consortium
- Identification of consortium members and signature by the consortium leader, as i.e., the person representing the consortium.
- Financial data for the last three years.
- Personnel or staff data.
- Areas of specialisation.
- References of similar projects with much detail.

The purpose of the technical proposal is to sell the methodology and experience of the firm, but even more the practical results and team proposed by our consortium. It is necessary to comply exactly with the formats and rules of the tender and institutions funding it. It is advisable to send the first draft to the partners so that they can give their opinions about the proposal, and introduce the necessary improvements. Furthermore, we will ask them writing parts of the proposal. It is important to research (via the Internet or by visiting the country and region if possible) about the project and its environment.

The financial proposal for technical assistance includes the fees, incidentals, reimbursable expenses, per-diems, which must be internally split by the partners. All information that can speed up payment must be provided, and certificates, and other standard documents must be attached. It is advisable using a clear and simple language and arranging some dry-runs or simulations to improve the chances if there is a personal interview of various final bidders.

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