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Course Contents:

Reading and comprehension of Italian Literature texts and articles. Cases of conversations:
  1. International Business
  2. International marketing


  1. Improve and develop the reading comprehension skills
  2. Understand the information related to the international business (letters, webs, email, news...)
  3. Improve the writing capabilities of Italian

Description of the Subject (Higher Education, e-learning):

For this course the students will need to have a basic knowledge of the Italian language (which includes basic vocabulary and grammar).

Why study Italian?

- Italy is one of the top economies in the World, and many employers are seeking people who speak both Italian and English.
- Knowing Italian is greatly beneficial in several career fields. Italy is a world leader in the culinary arts, interior design, fashion, graphic design, furniture design, machine tool manufacturing, robotics, electromechanical machinery, shipbuilding, space engineering, construction machinery, and transport equipment.
- Italy's cultural importance spans from antiquity through the present, of which the Roman period and the Renaissance are perhaps the two most influential moments.
- According to the UNESCO, 60% of the World's art treasures are found in Italy. Some of the most famous Western artists, from Giotto to Michelangelo, were Italian. Knowledge of Italian is vital To understand the contexts of this art. Italian Literature boasts some of the World's most famous writers and thinkers, from Dante, Boccaccio, Petrarch and Machiavelli, to Verga, Svevo, Pirandello, and Gramsci, to name a few. Since Roman times, Italy has exported its Literature and culture to other parts of Europe and beyond, in the areas of Latin Literature, Romanitas, humanism, opera, film, science, political thought, fashion, design, and cuisine. Knowing Italian allows you to understand, appreciate, and analyse this treasury of human expression. Italy has the cultures, landscapes, and histories to fill a lifetime of investigation. Knowing Italian places you in a position to explore Italy's past and present from the most fulfilling vantage point.

Reading and comprehension of Italian Literature texts and articles.

- Cases of conversations I: International Business: 100 bilingual conversations in Italian and English.
- Cases of conversations II: International Marketing. 170 bilingual conversations in Italian and English.

Sample of the Subject

This course includes the topic: “A business trip” in Italian and English.

Why study other languages when everyone speaks English?

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