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Opening of the U-EENI University in Africa (Burkina Faso)

Hispano-African University of International Business

Status of the University

1- Authorisation to create the Hispano-African University of International Business (U-HAAI).

On December 5, 2017, the Minister of Higher Education of Burkina Faso authorised the creation of the Hispano-African University of International Business (U-HAAI).

Authorisation to create the Hispano-African University of International Business

Download the Ministerial Authorization Document for the creation of the University (PDF, in French)

2- Authorisation to open the Hispano-African University of International Business (U-HAAI)

The next step is to obtain the opening authorisation, which will allow the University to start its activities. The scheduled date for this authorization is March 2018.

Background of the project

At the beginning of October 2017, the founders of the EENI Susana Fernández and Pedro Nonell, visited Burkina Faso (West Africa), to hold a meeting with the Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation of Burkina Faso, Professor Alkassoum Maiga (Horseman of the National Order), and with the Directress of Universities, Professor Sessouma, in addition to her team, to coordinate the upcoming opening of U-EENI University in Africa. We want to thank the Minister and all his staff, the kindness with which they received us, and the facility to create the university in Ouagadougou.

U-EENI University Africa

From left to right, T.Somda, Mss Sessouma, Mss Fernández, the Minister Alkassoum Maiga and P. Nonell

We would like to thank our partner, the entrepreneur and professor Thierry Somda (one of our first students in Burkina), the excellent planning he has done. Professor Somda will be the General Secretary of the University.

PhD Geneviève Barro will be the future Rector of the University. PhD Barro is the current Director of the Doctorate in Business in Africa of the EENI. He has been working with our institution for more than five years.

Directors, U-EENI University Africa

From left to right, T.Somda, G.Barro, Susana Fernández and P. Nonell

The creation of the U-EENI University in Africa is part of our global higher education project and our commitment to Africa.

U-EENI University

We Trust in Africa

The Directors of the EENI meets with many of our Burkinabe students (West Africa), all of whom were invited to participate and give their opinion on the future university. We also want to thank them for their enthusiasm for the new project. Also, several diplomas were awarded for masters and doctorates.

Mahamadi Kinda, Master EENI

Mahamadi Kinda (Burkina) Master EENI and S.Fernández

Alix-Arnaud, Master EENI

Alix-Arnaud (Burkina) Master EENI and P. Nonell

We would also like to thank the Honorary Consul of Burkina in Barcelona, Mr Josep Mª Simón Comalada for his help and cooperation.

The EENI has taken into consideration several parameters to select Burkina as a country to create the University and fulfil its mission of facilitating the access to higher education for all the African people at affordable prices.

Burkina Faso offers us important advantages:

  1. Burkina Faso is well-placed in the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) region, an integrated economic area of more than 70 million people.
  2. Burkina allows access to several regional markets: Mali, Niger, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria or Chad
  3. In Burkina is located the headquarters of the WAEMU and the CAMES (African and Malagasy Council for Higher Education)
    Burkina Faso is also a member, among others, of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the Community of Sahel-Saharan States (CEN-SAD) and the Organisation for the Harmonisation of Business Law in Africa (OHADA)
  4. Burkina Faso has set itself a specific goal: to become a hub of economic development in West Africa and an educational centre in the Francophone Africa.
  5. Burkina Faso is one of the African countries that more economic reforms have implemented (Mo Ibrahim Foundation, African Union)
  6. One of the most significant African intellectuals, Dr. Joseph Ki-Zerbo was born in Burkina and was also the Secretary-General of the CAMES
  7. Burkina is genuinely an interreligious country: Islam, Christianity and animism coexist peacefully. This is consistent with our model of global ethics based on the principle of the harmony of religions and non-violence in business.

Since 2009 the EENI has been teaching several master's degrees in International Business in Burkina. The EENI currently has many students in Burkina Faso. In our opinion, the students of the universities in Burkina Faso have an excellent academic background.

Students Burkina University

The Burkinabe people are charming; are, as the motto of their country says, the country of upright men.

Burkina has enormous potential for both the domestic market (tree motorcycle factories, six cement factories and five breweries), as a platform for access to the West African markets. Given the complex situations in some of the countries of the region, such as Guinea or Ivory Coast, Burkina can be a significant market in West Africa, and an excellent place for the establishment of companies with interests in West and Central Africa.

Motorcycles in Burkina Faso

Master in International Business (Burkina Faso)

Abdoul Karim Ouandaogo (EENI Alumni)
Ouandaogo Abdoul Karim (Student of the Master in International Business University of Ouagadougou & EENI) winner of one WAEMU regional award.

Two Burkinabe students (receiving the Diploma of Master) receiving the Diploma of Master in International Business with Pedro Nonell (EENI's President):
Pedro Nonell, African Students

French Université Hispano-Africaine des Affaires Internationales (U-HAAI) Spanish Hispano-African University of International Business (U-HAAI) Portuguese Universidade Hispano-Africana de Negócios Internacionais

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