US-Peru Trade Agreement

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Sub-subject: the United States-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement (TPA). Syllabus:

  1. Introduction to the United States-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement.
  2. Business Opportunities for US Exporters.
  3. The United States-Peru international trade relations.
Sub-subject “The United States-Peru Promotion Agreement” is studied…
  1. Masters: International Business, America, and Pacific
  2. Doctorate in Business in America (distance learning)

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Languages of study: En or Es USA-Perú Fr Etats-Unis

Sample of the sub-subject: the United States-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement:

Sub-Subject Description: the United States-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement (TPA):

The United States-Peru International Trade Promotion Agreement (TPA) entered into force in 2009.

  1. As a result of the entry into force of the United States-Peru Free Trade Agreement (FTA), 80% of the United States industrial and consumer export products enter duty free in the Republic of Peru.
  2. Nevertheless, a value-added tax of 18% applied to virtually all the products entering Peru results in moderately higher prices for many products in comparison to those prevailing in the United States.

The United States-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement:

  1. Eliminates tariffs and removes barriers to the United States services
  2. Provides a secure legal framework for investors, and
  3. Strengthens protection for intellectual property (IPR), workers, and the environment.

International Trade United States-Peru.

  1. Foreign Trade of the United States with Peru was 8.8 billion dollars; the United States exported products to the Republic of Peru at 4.8 billion dollars.
  2. The United States exports to Peru grew 37%.
  3. The main United States exports to the Republic of Peru were: machinery, chemicals, computer, electronics, petroleum, petroleum products, transport equipment, fish, forestry products, wood, newspapers, books, and food products.
  4. Exports of products of the Republic of Peru reached 35.1 billion dollars.

United States-Peru Trade

Peru and the United States are members of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and belongs to the Western Christian Civilisation (North American - Latin American).

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