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Learning unit: United States economy. Syllabus:

- Introduction to the United States of America.
- United States economy.
- United States market overview. Main sectors.
- United States Exports of goods and services.
- Case study: Top 20 Metropolitan Area exporters.
- Foreign direct investment.
- Case study: Asian-Pacific Foreign direct investment in the United States.

Sample of the learning unit (United States economy):
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Learning unit summary (United States economy):

The United States: the biggest and most technologically powerful economy in the world.

The United States is

- biggest recipient of Foreign direct investment of the world.

- 3th biggest agricultural economy of the world,

- leader in private pension fund (40% of the global fund management industry)

- biggest market in the world for computer hardware products.

- 2th biggest market for cement of the world (is also) the biggest importer of cement.

- Construction sector is the biggest of the world.

- biggest manufacturer and consumer of instrumentation

- 10% of United States Gross domestic product is related to transportation and Logistics activity.

- Software market is the biggest in the world

- Leads the world in installed wind generation capacity.

- The United States keeps the oldest and most dominant position worldwide in venture capital.

- The United States domestic market for machine tools is the 3th biggest in the world

United States exports of products and services augmented by 3.2% in March 2010 to 148 billion dollar since February 2010, while imports augmented 3.1% to 188.3 billion dollar over the same period.
Source: ITA
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