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Jean Thierry Somda (EENI Professor)

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Jean Thierry Somda (Burkina Faso): EENI Global Business School Professor

Jean Thierry Somda (EENI Professor)

Béliournibé Jean Thierry Somda (Burkina Faso): Professor of the Master, Doctorate "Business in Africa" and international marketing at EENI Global Business School.


  1. Degree in International Business, Superior School of Applied Sciences (ESSA), Senegal
  2. Master of Science in International Business, EENI
  3. Diploma in Business with Multilateral Institutions and Tenders, EENI

Employment and Work Experience

  1. Executive Director in “Strataction Consulting Burkina Faso
  2. Commercial and Marketing Director of “Société Africaine of Pneumatique” (SAP Olympic)
  3. Coordinator of marketing and communication in “Burkina Equipment”, branch of the JA Delmas group (distributor of Caterpillar)
  4. Planning and Geomarketing Coordinator in Airtel Burkina Faso
  5. Marketing analyst in the National Telecommunications Office (ONATEL-SA)
  6. Head of commercial service and marketing in the Geographic Institute of Burkina (I.G.B.)

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