Tarragona XVIII Mediterranean Games 2018

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Tarragona Mediterranean GamesTarragona World Heritage

Tarragona XVIII Mediterranean Games 2018

Tarragona World Heritage (UNESCO) - Tarragona in the XXI century

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The Mediterranean Games are a series of sports competitions between athletes belonging to the different National Olympic Committees of the nations bathed by the Mediterranean sea (Asia, Africa, and Europe).

The Mediterranean Games take place every four years, the year following the Olympic Games.

The symbol of the Mediterranean Games is three rings representing Asia, Africa, and Europe, the three continents implicated in this competition. The rings dissolve in a wave at their base, as if immersed in the Mediterranean Sea. This symbol can be seen on the Mediterranean flag.

The first Mediterranean Games were held in 1951 in Alexandria.

Tarragona Mediterranean Games

EENI's team wishes to congratulate to the city of Tarragona and to all those who have participated and supported the nomination.

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