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Ray L. Hunt Businessman (Methodist, U.S.)

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Syllabus of the Subject: Ray L. Hunt (Methodist Businessman and Philanthropist)

  1. Ray L. Hunt (U.S. Businessman, Methodist)
  2. Hunt Petroleum Company
  3. Philanthropic Projects of Ray L. Hunt through Global Partners

Sample: Ray L. Hunt (Methodist Businessman)
Ray L Hunt Methodist Businessman (Course Master Doctorate)

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Description: Ray L. Hunt (U.S. Businessman, Methodist).

Ray L. Hunt is the President of Hunt Petroleum Company and Hunt Consolidated.

  1. In 1958, he joined the family company
  2. In 1965, Ray Hunt earned a BA in Economics at the Southern Methodist University
  3. Ray Hunt is also a member of the boards of Bessemer Securities Corporation, King Ranch, and PepsiCo
  4. Ray L. Hunt also has been the President of the Board of the Southern Methodist University
  5. He is the President of the Dallas Medical Resource
  6. Ray L. Hunt has received several awards and honours for his success both in business and their strong ethical principles (Honesty, Integrity, and Philanthropy) based on the Methodism values

The Hunt Petroleum Group is one of the largest private companies in the United States.

  1. They have interests in the following sectors: energy, property (real estate), investments, livestock, and infrastructure
  2. The Group has their deposits in Scotland, Yemen, and Peru (the largest Pipeline in the World)

Corporate Social Responsibility.

  1. The Hunt Global Partnerships is the company of the Group, which carries out the philanthropic activities
  2. Jeanne L. Phillips is the President and Director of Hunt Global Partnerships

Religion and Global Business

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