Prospero Kemayou (EENI Professor)

EENI Business School & HA University

Prospero Kemayou (Cameroon / Chad): EENI Business School & HA University Professor

Prosper Kemayou, Chad (Professor, EENI Business School)

Prospero Kemayou: Professor of Masters, Doctorate in African Business and courses related to international logistics taught by EENI Business School & HA Independent University.


  1. Master of Science in foreign trade and international marketing, EENI Business School & HA University
  2. Specialist in the treatment of dangerous goods and radioactive materials by air, the African Institute of Air Professions (IAMA, Mali)
  3. Degree in Spanish Philology, University of Douala (Cameroon)

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Paterson Ngatchou: EENI Academic Coordinator for Anglophone Countries
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Employment and Work Experience

  1. General Director of TRANSIMEX CHAD S.A
  2. Project Manager for the creation of TRANSIMEX Equatorial Guinea
  3. Chief of Air transport Service of TRANSIMEX Cameroon S.A.
  4. Professor in various African educational institutions

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Master of Science in International Trade, specialisation in African Francophone Markets (Fr)

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