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Port Sudan (Africa, Transport Course)

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Syllabus of the Subject - Port Sudan. Alternative access to Ethiopia.

  1. Introduction to the Port Sudan;
  2. Main features of the Port Sudan;
  3. Ports of Bashayr 1 and Bashayr 2;
  4. Other ports of Sudan: Prince Osman Digna Sea Port, Oseif Sea Port, and Wadi Halfa (River port).

Port Sudan
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Ports of Sudan.

The largest ports of Sudan are:

  1. Port Sudan Sea Port;
  2. Prince Osman Digna Sea Port (Swakin);
  3. Oseif Sea Port;
  4. River port in Wadi halfa (Wadi Halfa Port).

Institution: Sea Ports Corporation.

Port Sudan

Port Sudan is the largest marine port of Sudan.

  1. Port Sudan handles the majority of the Sudanese foreign trade;
  2. An alternative to the Port of Djibouti (for the Ethiopian international trade);
  3. Main import-export products of Port Sudan: Petroleum Products, Cars, Pesticides, Cement, Wheat, and livestock;
  4. Eleven specialized berths;
  5. North Quay: general cargo;
  6. South Quay: ro-ro and Containers;
  7. Green Port: bulk cargoes, dry bulk, seeds, and containers handling;
  8. Location of Port Sudan: Red Sea;
  9. Distance from Port Sudan to Khartoum by Road: 1,200 kilometers;
  10. Distance to Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) by sea: 260 kilometers;
  11. Deep Coral free channel;
  12. Petroleum refinery (850-kilometer pipeline to Khartoum);
  13. International airport;
  14. Ferry terminal to Jeddah;
  15. Near 90% of the population of Port Sudan depends on the port activities;
  16. The main cities near the Port of Sudan: Suakin, Sinkat, Haya, Kassala, Arbara, Ab Damar, Ondurman, Khartou, Wad Madani, Al Goled, Dongola, El-Obeid, Al Fashir, and El Daein.

Ports of Bashayr 1 and Bashayr 2

  1. Located at 25 kilometers of Port Sudan (South);
  2. Managed by the Greater Nile Operating Company and Petrodar Operating Company.

Trans-African Roads:

  1. Cairo-Gaborone Corridor;
  2. N’Djamena-Djibouti Corridor.

African Regional Economic Communities:

  1. IGAD (Intergovernmental Authority on Development);
  2. COMESA (Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa);
  3. Tripartite agreement (COMESA-EAC-SADC);
  4. CEN-SAD (Community of Sahel-Saharan States (CEN-SAD)).

More information about Sudan (EENI African Business Portal).

  1. Transport and Logistics in Sudan.

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