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Syllabus of the Online Subject: Philip Anschutz (Businessperson and Philanthropist. Presbyterian).

  1. Philip Anschutz (US Businessman and Philanthropist)
  2. Circle Petroleum Drilling Company
  3. Anschutz Foundation

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Philip Anschutz Presbyterian Businessman (Course Master)

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Description of the Online Subject: Philip Anschutz (U.S. Businessman, Presbyterian)

The businessperson, philanthropist, and billionaire Philip Anschutz (1939) is a member of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (Protestantism) and is considered as a conservative Christian.

  1. Anschutz has been an active sponsor of some religious and conservative causes
  2. Philip Anschutz is the 38th richest person in the United States (10,000 million dollars in 2013)
  3. Anschutz bought his father's petroleum drilling company “Circle A Drilling” in 1961, and earned large profits, which the shares invested in property (real estate) and Rail transport
  4. Later Anschutz began to invest in entertainment companies, Anschutz co-founded the Major League Soccer and bought everal teams shares (Los Angeles Galaxy, Chicago Fire)
  5. Anschutz owns stakes of the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Kings
  6. Anschutz also invests in family films such as “The Chronicles of Narnia.”
  7. In early 1980, the Anschutz Ranch, with its one billion petroleum barrels, became the largest petroleum discovery in the United States
  8. Philip Anschutz sold half of its stake to Mobil Petroleum for 500 million dollars in 1982.


  1. The Anschutz Foundation, founded in 1964, offers a wide variety of community services, cultural, and artistic, as well as health facilities

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