Peru-Korea Free Trade Agreement

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Syllabus of the Subject: Peru-Korea Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

  1. Introduction to the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between South Korea and Peru
  2. Advantages of the Agreement
  3. Market Access
  4. Certificate of Origin
  5. International Trade South Korea-Peru
  6. Investment Flows
  7. Business Opportunities for the food industry and textile
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Sample of the Subject: Peru-Korea Free Trade Agreement (FTA)
South Korea-Peru Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

Description of the Subject (Higher Education, e-learning): Peru-South Korea Free Trade Agreement

The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Peru and South Korea entered into force in 2011.

The main topics covered in the Free Trade Agreement Peru-South Korea are the following:

  1. International trade in goods
  2. Rules and Certificate of Origin
  3. Origin Procedures
  4. Customs Administration and trade facilitation
  5. Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures
  6. Technical foreign trade barriers
  7. Trade Remedies
  8. Foreign direct investment
  9. Cross-Border Trade in Services
  10. Temporary Entry
  11. Financial Services
  12. Telecommunications
  13. e-Commerce
  14. Competition Policy
  15. Government Procurement
  16. Intellectual Property Rights
  17. Labour
  18. Environment

International Trade South Korea-Peru

  1. Peruvian Exports to South Korea: 750 million dollars, imports: 600 million dollars
  2. Foreign Direct Investment: 966.22 million dollars

Peru belongs to the Western Christian Civilisation (Latin American) and South Korea to the Sinic Civilisation.

Peru's Free Trade Agreements (FTA).

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