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New Zealand, Master in International Business

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Online Doctorate and Masters in International Business adapted to the New Zealander Students

Master in International Business: Globalization, World Economic Areas, Foreign Trade, Transportation, Global Marketing, Adaptation to the New Zealander Students (Asia), Thesis, Career Opportunities

Masters in International Business and Foreign Trade (MIB) - Online Education

New Zealand, Masters, Doctorate, Courses, International Business, Foreign Trade New Zealand. New Zealander Students (Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin, Tauranga, Nelson, Napier. Aotearoa)

E-learning Course Master Doctorate, Asian Student, International Business

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  1. Master in International Business (Foreign Trade, Marketing and Internationalization)
  2. Masters (MIB): Business in Asia, Foreign Trade, International Transport, Foreign Trade Back Office
  3. Doctorate (DIB): Asian Business, World Trade, Global Logistics, Ethics, Religion & Business
  4. Course: Business in Oceania

Professional Doctorate in International Business (DIB). Online Education

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Master's Programs and Doctorate adapted to the New Zealander students:

Online Education (Courses, Masters, Doctorate): Trade and Business in Oceania

New Zealand Master in International Business (online)

New Zealand and the Economic Area of Oceania of the Western-Christian Civilization

Online Education (Courses, Masters, Doctorate): Christianity and Global Business (Catholicism, Protestantism)

Economy and foreign trade of New Zealand

New Zealand Foreign Trade (Doctorate, Master, Course)

Market Access - Free Trade Agreements (FTA). Online Education (Courses, Masters, Doctorate)

Regional Trade Agreements and Preferential Access

  1. New Zealand and the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF)
  2. New Zealand and the Oceania Customs Organization
  3. Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relations Plus (PACER Plus)
  4. South Pacific Regional Trade and Economic Cooperation Agreement (SPARTECA)

Oceania Customs Organization (OCO) Australia New Zealand Papua New Guinea Tuvalu Tonga...

India-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement

Online Education (Courses, Masters, Doctorate): Asian Economic Institutions

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation APEC. Trade and Investment liberalization. Bogor Goals

Trade Facilitation Programs. TFA Agreement. Online Education (Courses, Masters, Doctorate)

Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon...

Economy me te hokohoko ke o Aotearoa
    Aotearoa a Free Trade Whakaaetanga (FTA)
    Aotearoa me te Rohe Ōhanga o Oceania o te Civilization Karaitiana Western
    ASEAN Aotearoa
    Ahitereiria-Aotearoa Ofi Whakaaetanga Economic Relations Trade
    Whakaaetanga Aotearoa-Hong Kong Free Trade
    Russia -mo o Aotearoa whakaaetanga hokohoko Free (FTA)
    Aotearoa-Thailand Ofi Partnership Economic
    Asia-Pacific Economic mahi tahi (APEC)
    Pacific Islands Forum (PIF)
    Oceania Customs Organization
    Trans-Kiwa Whakaaetanga rautaki (CPTPP)
    Pacific Economic Kaunihera mahi tahi (PEEC)
    Economic Social Commission Asia-Pacific (ESCAP)
    FEALAC: Aotearoa-Latin America
    Asem: Aotearoa-Europe
    Mahere Colombo

New Zealand Economy (Doctorate, Master, Course)

Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)-Australia Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relations (PACER) Australia, New Zealand, Papua...

New Zealand-Malaysia Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

New Zealand-Hong Kong Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

Singapore-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

Study Master Doctorate in International Business in Spanish Nueva Zelanda Study, Course Master Doctorate in International Business in French Nouvelle-Zelande

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