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Online Professional Masters and Doctorates in Global Business adapted to the Montenegrin students. Podgorica.

Master in International Business (eLearning): Globalisation, Foreign Trade, International Transport, International Marketing, Adaptation to Montenegro (Europe), World Economic Areas, Thesis, Career Opportunities

Montenegro, Master Doctorate Business Montenegro - Montenegrin students (Podgorica, Nikšić, Pljevlja, Bijelo Polje, Cetinje, Bar, Herceg Novi, Berane, Crna Gora, Црна Гора)

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Summary of the Adaptation (subjects) of the Online Masters and Doctorates in International Business to the Montenegrin students.

Montenegro Master in International Business (online)

EFTA-Montenegro Free Trade Agreement (Course Master)

  1. Montenegro and the Orthodox Economic Area
  2. Montenegrin Foreign Trade and Economy
  3. Montenegro and the Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA)
  4. Montenegro-European Free Trade Association (EFTA) Free Trade Agreement
  5. Montenegro Free Trade Agreements (FTA) with Turkey and Ukraine
  6. Montenegro and the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC)
  7. Montenegro and the Central European Initiative (CEI)
  8. The European Union and Montenegro
    1. European Union Enlargement
    2. Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (EUROMED)
    3. Western Balkans
    4. EU-Montenegro Stabilisation and Association Agreement
  9. Adriatic-Ionian Initiative
  10. COTIF Convention
  11. Regional Cooperation Council
  12. Convention Relating to Temporary Admission
  13. Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)
  14. Economic Commission Europe (UNECE)
  15. International Maritime Organisation (IMO)
  16. Customs Convention on Containers
  17. International Rail Transport Committee (CIT)

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Global Economic Organisations

  1. United Nations (UN)
  2. World Bank (WB)
  3. World Trade Organisation (WTO)
  4. International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Trade Relations European Union-Western Balkans


European Union Enlargement (e-Course)

Adriatic-Ionian Initiative

Central European Free Trade Agreement CEFTA (Course)

e-Master: Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)

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