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Monica Katebe Musonda (Businesswoman)

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Syllabus of the Subject: Monica Katebe Musonda (Zambian Executive).

  1. Monica Katebe Musonda (Zambian businesswoman);
  2. Java Foods.

Monica Katebe Musonda (Zambian businesswoman)
Monica Katebe Musonda, Zambian businesswoman (Master, Zambia)

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Monica Katebe Musonda (Zambian Businesswoman).

Monica Katebe Musonda (African Businesswoman, Zambia) is the Founder and Managing Director (CEO) of Java Foods.

  1. Katebe is one of the Young Global Leader (World Economic Forum) and one of “20 Young Power Women in Africa” (Forbes);
  2. Monica Katebe Musonda worked as Director of Legal Affairs for Dangote Industries in Lagos (Nigeria), the group created by Alhaji Aliko Dangote - the richest men in Africa-, Dangote invested 500 million dollars in a cement plant in Zambia.

Alhaji Aliko Dangote, Nigerian Muslim Businessman, Richest men in Africa (Master, Nigeria)

  1. Katebe Musonda is also the Chairperson of Kwacha Pension Trust Fund and is a board member of the Bank of Zambia;
  2. She worked at the International Finance Corporation (U.S.);
  3. Monica Katebe Musonda is Solicitor (Lawyer) (University of Zambia);
  4. Monica Katebe has not made public his religious affiliation.

More information about Zambia (EENI African Business Portal).

  1. Lusaka;
  2. Chipata;
  3. Kitwe;

Monica Katebe Musonda belongs to the Southern African Economic Area (African Civilization).

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