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Mimi Alemayehou (Ethiopia)

Syllabus of the Subject: Mimi Alemayehou (Ethiopian Businesswoman, Master).

  1. Mimi Alemayehu (Ethiopian-American Executive and Businesswoman): one of the most powerful African Women
  2. Foundation for the Development of Africa

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Example of the Subject: Mimi Alemayehou (Ethiopian-American Executive and Businesswoman)
Mimi Alemayehou Ethiopian Businesswoman (Course Master)

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Description of the Subject: Mimi Alemayehou (Ethiopian businesswoman)

Mimi Alemayehou (African Businesswoman) is one of the members of the Boards of Directors of the “Foundation for the Development of Africa

  1. Alemayehou was appointed by President Obama in 2010.
  2. The Foundation for the Development of Africa is an agency of the U.S. Government to support the development of Africa
  3. Alemayehou is a member of the Advisory Council of the African leadership Foundation and Executive Advisor
  4. Mimi Alemayehou chairs in the investment company “Blackstone Africa Infrastructure,” managing a portfolio of 16 billion dollars in 100 countries worldwide
  5. According to Forbes, Mimi Alemayehou is one of the “20 Young Power African Women
  6. Before she was the Executive vice-President of OPIC (Overseas Private Investment Corporation) and Director of the African Development Bank in the United States (nominated by the former President George Bush)
  7. Mimi Alemayehou has not made public their religious affiliation, but everything seems to indicate that she professes Orthodoxy (Christianity). Today; she is U.S. citizen
  8. Mimi Alemayehou was born in 1969 in Ethiopia (Africa)
  9. She studied a Master of Science in International Business (MIB)

Mimi Alemayehou belongs to the East African Economic Area (African Civilisation).

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