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Distribution - Master in International Relations

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Distribution of the Master's Program in International Economic Relations and Regional Integration (eLearning)

Distribution of the Master in International Economic Relations and Regional Integration taught by EENI Global Business School.

Masters in International Business and Foreign Trade (MIB) - Online Education

Master of Science in International Relations

M1 (1 semester) ECTS
1. Globalization and international Organizations 6
2. Civilizations, Religions, and Economic Integration 2
3. African Economic Areas 7
4. African economic institutions (AU, ECA, BAfD) 5
5. African Integration processes 5
6. Economic integration in the Maghreb 1
7. Economic integration in West Africa 4
M1 (2 semester)  
8. Economic integration in Central, Eastern and Southern Africa 6
9. Economic integration in Africa 2
10. State of the African Integration 8
11. International Relations of Africa 10
12. American Economic Areas 1 4
M2 (1 semester)  
13. American Economic Areas 2 2
14. Institutions and the economic integration in Latin America 12
15. Asian Economic Areas 7
16. Institutions and the economic integration in Asia 6
17. Institutions and integration in the Middle East and the Arab Countries 1 3
M2 (2 semester)  
18. Institutions and integration in the Middle East and the Arab Countries 2 3
19. European Union. EU Single Market 7
20. EU International Relations 1 8
Optional Subjects
The student must choose 2 ECTS from the following list:
  - EU International Relations 2 (2)
  - EU International Relations 3 (2)
  - EU International Relations 4 (2)
  - EU International Relations 5 (2)
  - European Economic Area (2)
  - European Economic Area (2)
  - European Free Trade Association (EFTA) (2)
  - Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA) (2)
  - Other European Economic Organizations (2)
Thesis of the Master 10

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