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Professional Master's Program Executive in International Business (MIBE)

The 17th edition of the Master of international business MIB (distance e-learning) is designed to provide all the knowledge, tools, and techniques related to the International Business and global marketing.

Specialisations of the Master in International Business

  1. Master in Foreign Trade and International Marketing
  2. Master in International Business (MIB) (Foreign Trade, Global Marketing, and Internationalisation) specialisation...
  3. Master Business in Sub-Saharan Africa
  4. Master in Business in Asia
  5. Master in Business in America
  6. Master in Business in the BRICS-MNS Countries
  7. Master in Business in the Emerging Markets
  8. Master in Business in the Muslim Countries
  9. Master in Business in the Pacific Rim
  10. Master in Business in the European Union
  11. Master International Secretary
  12. Master in International Economic Relations and Regional Integration


  1. Diploma International Trade
  2. Diploma Global marketing
  3. Business Multilateral institutions
  4. Business in Southeast Asia

EENI Scholarships are available for the Master

Video Master in International Business Videos Master in International Business - Master in Emerging Markets

Video Doing Business in China Doing Business in China

Video Master Business in Africa Video - Master in Business in Africa

Master in International Business MIB 17th edition: more than one hundred students from over 100 countries and four continents:

EENI World
The student is placed in a global atmosphere where the professors as well as the fellow students are spread around the world.

Pedro Nonell, African Students

The master is available in four languages (English, French Master Commerce, Spanish Master Negocios or Portuguese). For improving international communication skills, the student has free access to the materials in these languages. Case method.

EENI - The Middle East and Maghrebian Students:
EENI Middle East Students

EENI - European Students:
EENI European Students

EENI - African Students:
EENI African Students

EENI - American Students:
EENI American Students

EENI - Asian Students:
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EENI Professors:
EENI Professors

A team of Professors will respond to the student's questions and evaluate the exercises. Exercises that the students must hand into their Professor guarantee that educational objectives are fulfilled.

Student can do the exercises or communicate with the Professors in English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Portuguese...

  1. Study Methodology
  2. Educational Partnerships


EENI provides a range of scholarships for MIB students each year. Student should fulfil the requirements established by EENI. The scholarship consists of a partial reduction of the total tuition fees (up to 50%, depend of student's country).

Please, click in Request for information in order to know the final fees and scholarships availability for your country.

Scholarship conditions:

  1. To belong to a country considered an objective by EENI (School of International Business)
  2. Student should collaborate with EENI developing contents related to the international business
  3. Must complete the masters in the stipulated time and respect the dates for payment of the instalments, otherwise the scholarship will be revoked.

FINANCIAL AIDS. EENI can offer you financial aids (instalments, discount for cash payment,).

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