Business in the European Muslim Countries

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Module - Doing Business in the European Muslim Countries - Master Islamic Markets

The main objective of the module Doing Business in the European Muslim Countries is to provide an overview of European Islamic markets and business opportunities in these markets.

  1. To learn to do business in Islamic markets of Europe (Azerbaijan, Turkey).
  2. To analyse foreign direct investment in the main sectors of investment.
  3. To know the Free Trade Agreement in the region.
  4. To know regional organisations related to the Islamic European countries (the Black Sea Synergy, the Organisation of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation…)

European Muslim countries

The module “Business in the European Muslim Countries” is studied…
  1. Master in International Business (MIB) specialisation Muslims Countries
  2. Professional Doctorate in Business in the Islamic Countries

Islamic Economy - Middle East - Asian Muslim countries - Africa - Europe - Free Trade Agreements (FTA)


Doing Business in Azerbaijan.

Doing Business in Turkey

  1. Turkey's Free Trade Agreements (FTA)
  2. European Union-Turkey Customs Union
  3. Turkey-Chile Agreement

Regional Organisation for Democracy and Economic Development

Black Sea Economic Cooperation.

Black Sea Synergy

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

Black Sea Economic

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