Doing Business in the European Muslim Countries

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Module - Doing Business in the European Muslim Countries - Master Islamic Markets

European Muslim Countries

The module “Business in the European Muslim Countries” is part of the following Higher Education Programs taught by EENI (Business School) and the Hispano-African University of International Business:
  1. Master in Business in Muslim Countries
  2. Doctorate in Business in the Islamic Countries (e-learning)

The Middle East - Free Trade Agreements (FTA).


Doing Business in Azerbaijan.

Doing Business in Turkey

  1. Turkey Free Trade Agreements (FTA)
  2. European Union-Turkey Customs Union
  3. Turkey-Chile Agreement

Regional Organisation for Democracy and Economic Development

Black Sea Economic Cooperation.

Black Sea Synergy

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

Black Sea Economic Cooperation

Post-secondary Education in French Master Pays Musulmans Study in Portuguese Mestrado Muculmanos Tertiary Education in Spanish Master Musulmanes

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