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Thesis of the Master BRICS Markets

Thesis of the Professional Master in Business in the BRICS countries, Mexico, Nigeria, and Saudi Arabia

For the successful completion of the Master in Business in the BRICS-MNS Countries (e-learning), the student must submit a Thesis. It is the final work of the Master.

The dissertation (thesis) is conceived as an exam that tests the ability of synthesis of the student to develop a particular subject (between 30 to 50 pages) related to the BRICS Countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) - MNS (Mexico, Nigeria, and Saudi Arabia).

The dissertation (thesis) aims the student to demonstrate their theoretical and practical knowledge about business in the BRICS-MNS markets and/or their economic areas. The topic is chosen by the student with the support of his professor and must be related to the contents of the Master.

For students who are working in an exporting company; we recommend writing the dissertation on the elaboration of an International Marketing Plan for one BRICS-MNS market.

Some examples of theses of the Master:

  1. International Marketing Plan for the BRICS markets
  2. Investment project in Brazil (China, India, Russia)
  3. SWOT analysis of the company X in the BRICS markets
  4. Creating international distribution networks in the BRICS
  5. Trade Relations between the BRICS
  6. Nigeria and the BRICS Countries
  7. International Promotion strategies for Russia, China, and India
  8. Opening a branch in... (Moscow, Lagos, Shanghai, New Delhi, Sao Paulo)

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  2. Thesis of the Master in Business in the BRICS countries
  3. Justification of the inclusion in the Master of Nigeria, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia

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