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Paths (Master in Business BRICS Markets)

Paths of the Professional Master in Business in the BRICS Countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa), Mexico, Nigeria, and Saudi Arabia (online)

The Professional Master's Program in Business in the BRICS-MNS Countries allows the student to select three paths of different duration, content, tuition fees, and diploma issued, in order to fit the Master's Program to the needs and schedule of each student. Thus, the student can easily validate his diploma according to the legislation in force in his country (For example, there are countries where the law requires two years for a master, while in others is one-year).

Customised Master

Path-1. Master 1. The student selects the modules (*) that best suits his professional needs:

  1. 60 ECTS Credits credits (1-year duration)
  2. Tuition fees: 2,358 Euros
  3. Thesis of the Master: 5 ECTS
  4. Diploma: “Professional Master's Program in Business in the BRICS-MNS Countries” issued by EENI (School of International Business)
  5. The student who wishes to continue with the Master 2 will validate the subjects approved in the Master 1

Path-2. Master 2. The student selects all the modules and subjects (*) of the Master

  1. 120 ECTS (2 years)
  2. Tuition fees: 3,547 Euros
  3. Thesis of the Master: 10 ECTS
  4. Diploma: “Professional Executive Master's Program in Economy, Business, and Integration in the BRICS-MNS Countries” issued by EENI

Path-3. Customised Professional Master. The student configures (*) his master (contents and duration)

  1. Minimum: 60 ECTS, Maximum: 120 ECTS.
  2. Necessary supervision and approval of the content by EENI (School of International Business)
  3. Tuition fees and diploma: depending on the selected credits (subjects and modules)

(*) The selection of the modules is made once the enrolment has been formalised. It is possible to reduce the length of the Master studying more hours per week.

Students without a bachelor's degree and no experience in the International Business will obtain the Diploma: “Advanced Diploma in Business in the BRICS-MNS Countries.”

EENI (School of International Business) Scholarships: discount up to 40%.

Africa-BRICS Foreign Trade

  1. Justification of the inclusion in the Master of Nigeria, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia
  2. Thesis of the Master

French Master BRICS Portuguese Mestrado BRICS Spanish Master BRICS

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