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Career opportunities (Master in Business in Asia)

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Student Profile and Job descriptions related to the Professional Master in International Business in Asia (eLearning)

Master in International Business (MIB) specialization in Asia taught by EENI Global Business School.

Masters in International Business and Foreign Trade (MIB) - Online Education

Online Master in Business in Asia

Online Student Profile Master Business

  1. Asian Export Managers (Export Directors, International Division Director, Internationalization Director, and Export Area Managers) of export companies (or with Import-Export potential), import companies or businesses in the internationalization process with business opportunities in Asia;
  2. Commercial Directors for the Asian Markets, Sales, and Marketing Directors (domestic market) wishing to begin international business activities and/or doing business in China and the Asian Countries;
  3. Managing Directors of Small and Medium Enterprise wanting to internationalize their operations in Asia (China, India, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, Singapore);
  4. Postgraduates (business administration, economics, engineers, lawyers, and translators) seeking a specialization in Business in Asia;
  5. Sector Professionals wishing to update their knowledge of the Asian markets;
  6. Professionals from other areas that want to specialize in business in Asia.

Given the wide variety of EENI Student Profiles and countries where we operate; it is difficult to define a standard profile of our students.

For example, our main global institutional customer is the United Nations (UN) and the related agencies (mainly expatriate managers). At a company level, we have students in both large multinationals as Small and Medium Enterprises.

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Asia Online Masters, Doctorate (Global Business, Foreign Trade)

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Job descriptions (Work profiles) related to the Master in Business in Asia.

Directive positions/Management:

  1. Asian Export Manager. Export Directors. Regional and Asian Export Managers;
  2. Director in China;
  3. Director in India;
  4. Director of the International Department. Directors of Asian Affairs;
  5. Director of Internationalization;
  6. Director of International Relations;
  7. Director of International Projects;
  8. Director of Sales Administration and Asian Expansion;
  9. International Commercial Director. International Sales and Marketing Director. International Sales Manager. Asian Sales Manager.

Executive positions/middle managers:

  1. Import/Export Manager;
  2. Asian Export Manager/China Export Manager;
  3. Product Manager for the Asian Markets;
  4. Coordinator of International Investments in Asia;
  5. Executives of Asian Foreign Trade;
  6. International Banking Department (specialization in Asia);
  7. Foreign Trade Consultant (specialization in Asia);
  8. Sales Representative in the Asian Countries;
  9. Sales Representative in China/Asia;
  10. Technical Sales Area import-export;
  11. Asian Customers Sales;
  12. Asian Export Assistant;
  13. International Marketing and Sales Assistant;
  14. Manager of international markets and Asia;
  15. Administrative Import/Export for the Asian Markets.

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Career opportunities, Master Business, Trade

Career opportunities related to the Master

Upon completion of the Master of Science (MSc) in Business in Asia, the students will be able to carry out their responsibilities efficiently in:

  1. Export or import companies (or with the potential for internationalization) related to business in Asia: foreign trade departments, international marketing or Internationalization;
  2. Service companies and Organizations related to the Asian trade: International departments (Banks), logistics (transport), customs (Forwarders/Customs Brokers), Consulting (Marketing, Advertising Companies, Import-Export);
  3. Public and private institutions related to the internationalization process in Asia: Development Agencies, Chambers of Commerce, Trade Unions, Business Associations, Exporters Associations, Multilateral Organizations, Non-governmental Organizations;
  4. Personal projects (entrepreneurs) offering consulting services related to the Asian foreign trade, Asia/China Business Consultant, Business Agent, Import/Export agents, brokers or creating one's company specialising in the global business (import-export).

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