Doing Business in East and South Asia - Master (e-learning)

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Module - Doing Business in East and South Asia

The module “Doing Business in East and South Asia” is part of the following Higher Education Programs (EENI- School of Business & HA University):
  1. Masters (e-learning): International Business, Asia
  2. Doctorate in Business in Asia

Business South Asia

Download the syllabus of the module: “Business in other Asian Countries” (PDF).

Doing Business in Bangladesh

  1. Muhammad Yunus
  2. Salman F Rahman
  3. Mohammad Abdul Mannan

Doing Business in South Korea

  1. Lee Kun-hee

Doing Business in North Korea

Doing Business in Japan

  1. Kazuo Inamori

Doing Business in Sri Lanka

Doing Business in Bhutan

Doing Business in Nepal

Doing Business in Taiwan

  1. Chang Yung-fa

Chang Yung-fa Taiwanese Businessman

Salman F Rahman Bangladeshi Businessman

Taiwan Business

Organisations, China, India, Southeast Asia - ASEAN, Central Asia, Free Trade Agreements (FTA).

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