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Masters and Doctorates in International Business (eLearning) adapted to Liechtensteiner students Vaduz.

Master in International Business (eLearning): Globalisation, Foreign Trade, International Transport, International Marketing, Adaptation to student's country (Europe), World's Economic Areas, Thesis, Career Opportunities

Liechtenstein, Master Doctorate Business Liechtenstein - Liechtensteiner students (Vaduz, Eschen, Schaan, Balzers, Ruggell, Mauren, Triesenberg, Triesen):

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  1. Master in International Business (Foreign Trade, Marketing and Internationalisation)
  2. Masters: European Business, Foreign Trade, International Transport, Foreign Trade Back Office
  3. Doctorates: Business in Europe, Global Trade, International Logistics
  4. Course: Business in EFTA States

Online Students, Master in International Business

Summary of the Adaptation of the Master and Doctorate (eLearning) to Liechtensteiner students.

Liechtenstein Master in International Business (online)

Chile-EFTA Free Trade Agreement (Course)

  1. European Economic Area
  2. European Free Trade Association (EFTA)

EFTA-Lebanon Free Trade Agreement (Course Master)

EFTA's Free Trade Agreements

  1. Singapore-Liechtenstein (EFTA)
  2. India-Liechtenstein (EFTA)
  3. Albania-Liechtenstein (EFTA)
  4. Canada-Liechtenstein (EFTA)
  5. Chile-Liechtenstein (EFTA)
  6. Mexico-Liechtenstein (EFTA)
  7. Colombia-Liechtenstein (EFTA)
  8. Central America-Liechtenstein (EFTA)
  9. Serbia-Liechtenstein (EFTA)a
  10. Ukraine-Liechtenstein (EFTA)
  11. Philippines-Liechtenstein (EFTA)
  12. Macedonia-Liechtenstein (EFTA)
  13. Gulf Cooperation Council-Liechtenstein (EFTA)
  14. Jordan-Liechtenstein (EFTA)
  15. Turkey-Liechtenstein (EFTA)
  16. Egypt-Liechtenstein (EFTA)
  17. Bosnia and Herzegovina-Liechtenstein (EFTA)
  18. Southern African Customs Union (SACU)-Liechtenstein (EFTA)
  19. Montenegro-Liechtenstein (EFTA)
  20. Peru-Liechtenstein (EFTA)
  21. Tunisia-Liechtenstein (EFTA)
  22. Georgia-Liechtenstein (EFTA)
  23. Morocco-Liechtenstein (EFTA)
  24. South Korea--Liechtenstein (EFTA)
  25. Lebanon-Liechtenstein (EFTA)

EFTA-Albania Free Trade Agreement (Course)

Other Regional Economic Organisations:

  1. European Economic and Social Committee
  2. Economic Commission Europe (UNECE)
  3. Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)

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Paterson Ngatchou: EENI Academic Coordinator for Anglophone Countries
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EFTA-Bosnia and Herzegovina Free Trade Agreement (Course)

EFTA-Turkey Free Trade Agreement (Course)

EFTA-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement (Course)

EFTA-Macedonia Free Trade Agreement (Course)

EFTA-Serbia Free Trade Agreement (Course)

EFTA-Georgia Free Trade Agreement (Course)

EFTA-Montenegro Free Trade Agreement (Course Master)

Canada-EFTA States Free Trade Agreement (Course)

EFTA-Jordan Free Trade Agreement (Course)

Colombia-EFTA Free Trade Agreement (Course)

Master Außenhandel, Globales Marketing und Internationalisierung

EENI Business School & HA University European Students:
Online European Students, Master International Business

Version des Master of Science in International Business für Liechtensteiner (in) Schüler angepasst. Liechtenstein: Vaduz, Eschen, Schaan, Balzers, Ruggell, Mauren, Triesenberg, Triesen...

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